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Hope4Kibera is a charity launched in 2019 by a group in Devon. 
The Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya, is the largest urban slum in Africa and home to up to 800,000 people living in dire poverty. 3 metre square tin shacks are stacked together on a hillside of rubbish and worse, where families fight the daily battle for survival against all the diseases of poverty: malnutrition, TB, HIV, indiscriminate violence and more. The lucky ones get one basic meal a day. 
The only way out of the slum is to obtain a School Leaving Certificate, which at least gives a chance of a survivable income. The principal aim of Hope4Kibera is to raise funds to staff and run the ‘Bright Hope Education Centre’, a free secondary school for motivated children whose families have no money for school fees. The school has been built by our partners in Kibera, Swahiba Networks. Thanks to generous donors and seed monies from the founders of the charity, the school opened in January 2020 . The first class of 30 girls has settled in well. 
Secondly, Hope4Kibera is establishing a desperately needed Poor Fund, to help provide basic foodstuffs and medical care to the poorest families. 
The charity was formally launched in November 2019 and featured Video Interviews with our partners in Kibera - VIEW HERE 

Latest Update and Events 

Covid makes life difficult for us, but the Lockdown is DEVASTATING the Urban Poor in Lower Income Countries. NO income means NO food and people are STARVING. 
800,000 people, literally living on top of each other, forced to stay in their 2 mile square slum.  
NO distancing, NO medical care if you get sick, and worst of all, NO INCOME AT ALL . They live hand to mouth and try to scrape together at most ONE meal a day on daily casual wages of 1U$ per head.  
Our friends in the Kibera slum are managing their many struggles in these challenging times. Mercifully (and strangely?) Covid 19 disease doesn’t appear to have made much impact in the slum, though of course that is partly due to lack of testing and the difficulty of telling it apart from the many other causes of illness and early death that they face. What is making an huge impact is the destruction of the daily hand to mouth ‘survival’ economy because of lockdowns and curfews. 
Food Basket Campaign 
We wanted to do what we could to help and launched a campaign to raise funds for food baskets to feed a needy family for a week. 
Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, over the first UK National lockdown, we managed to send out an amazing total of £ 11,225  
Our partners in Kibera were able to distribute 700 family food baskets with these funds and they are so grateful to all our supporters. 
The School and our students  
The Kenyan Government have closed all schools until January 2021, except for Final exams year classes. Apart from the impact on their education, this puts our students at great risk. Along with all the youngsters, they are now forced to be together continuously with unemployed adults and so there is also an epidemic of teenage pregnancies, with all its ghastly consequences.  
We have been able to provide the funds to keep the teachers from our school employed, so that they are continuing to visit, mentor, and teach our students. 
Since July we have sent out £ 4,746 to cover the rest of the year. 


Now we have another great opportunity for you to help us shed some light in a dark place. 
Spend lockdown getting your Christmas sorted with these 2 amazing offers !! 
Hope4Kibera Christmas cards 
Anne Wynne has painted some lovely cards and they have been quality printed by Scribble and Ink. Only £5 for 10 cards. 
All the costs have been covered, so every penny raised will go out to Kibera. 
Festive cards: Top row, 10 cards, 2 of each for £5. 
Bottom row: Nativity, 10 cards, 5 of each for £5 
Whilst you’re at it, Anne has new designs for her packs of blank notelet cards and they’d make great Christmas presents! 
Hope4KiberaChristmas Wreaths ** 
And that’s not all folks! Jane Butler, a renowned flower arranger, has come up with an amazing offer of support:  
Handmade natural 12 inch diameter Christmas wreath delivered to you on Sat 12th December (within 5 mile radius of Woodbury, nr. Exeter) for £15. Limited number available. 
** The Oder book for Wreaths is now FULL. Sorry if you have missed out this time. 
Please watch the website for other support initiatives. 
Next Events:  
The 'John Wynne Way' was planned for May 9th and is postponed because of Covid restrictions 
Covid Comeback 'Cream Tea with Jazz', Woodbury Village Green, also postponed 
As well as responding to the Covid Crisis, we continue our main work of funding the school. 
To join this journey of a life of transformed opportunity for these children, please click on 'Register your interest' 

 Contact Hope4Kibera 

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