What We Do 

Charity Targets 
The key aim of the charity is to provide funds for the school. 
This will enable motivated youngsters from poor families to receive an education, which will hopefully lead to a School Leaving Certificate and a fighting chance of a job and escape from the slum. Possibly leading to a career, which will transform their lives and rescue their families. 
The school is in fields a little away from the slum, which is like heaven for the students. Boarding is cheaper than daily transport, and relieves the pressure on their families to feed them. It is virtually impossible to study in the slum and the school is a fantastic, peaceful, learning environment. They get up at 4.30am to study before breakfast! 
Targets for the charity are as follows: 
The annual budget is aproximately £24,000 to cover 30 children FREE places for ALL costs of staff, buildings, food, boarding etc. ONLY £800 per child per year! 
The 4 classes have a mixture of free places, and subsidised fee paying, according to the family means. The total number of students in 2024 will be aproximately 80.  

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